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Polisario: The identity a front – Documentary

Hassan El Bouharrouti returns to the story of the creation of Polisario in an original documentary.
The history of the Polisario is part of the history of the Moroccan national movement, decolonization and the struggle against the Spanish occupation, a story that many ignore on the international scene.
Making an audiovisual documentary retracing the history of the Polisario is certainly not the easiest thing it is. Resistance and obstacles to such an operation are numerous and for good reason. It is likely to shake up the fruits of a strategy that was previously a carrier for the Polisario on the international diplomatic scene.
Thanks to the support of countries such as Libya in a first and Algeria in particular, the Polisario has managed over time to build support branches around the world, which practice terrorism against foreigners. supporters of the Moroccan Sahara thesis.

These ramifications have allowed it to obtain such a degree of sympathy as to disguise the historical and current reality of the Sahara issue and, above all, to assume the role of a victim of violence with the ultimate aim of harming the international interest of Morocco (in particular resolutions of the European Parliament following the uprising of Gdim Yzik or lobby against the extension of the protocol to the EU-Morocco fisheries agreement). The question of the Sahara is now erected as a « sword of Damocles » on the head of Morocco.
At the forefront of such a strategy, with unfair and unjustified consequences against Morocco and the populations victims of such a conflict situation, it seemed to us necessary to lift the veil on the reality of the Polisario by retracing its history.

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